New Field Guide Helps Individuals Navigate The Plastics Pandemic

Join ReUseFull for their Wednesday Webinar 101 series and learn all the ways you can save money while being healthier and safer in a plastics pandemic.

Plastics Pandemic

Wednesday, July 3 · 12pm CDT

Learn how to:

  • Understand the types of plastics and their chemical additives
  • Lower plastic’s risk to your health and the environment
  • Save money by investing in low impact alternatives

Unpacking the Plastics Pandemic

This workshop will introduce you to Grove’s Field Guide to Plastics: Unpacking the Plastics Pandemic.  Grove’s Field Guide distills the latest research into plastics and their related forever chemicals into a simple self-help book.  If you’ve attended any of Grove’s presentations and wished you could take the slideshow home with you, you’ll find all that material here along with much more.

If you enjoy hard science, lots of numbers, and chemical formulas clearly explained, you’ll appreciate the book’s lengthy Introduction to plastics – both the section that sets politics aside and just looks at the science, and the section that goes over it again WITH politics and explains why plastics are such a political football.  You’ll probably also appreciate the extensive endnotes that let you dig deeper into all the book’s source materials.

If chemistry and politics aren’t your thing,  just skip the intro and start with chapter one.  From that point forward, the book takes a light tone as it talks about all the ways you can save money while being healthier and safer in a world composed of plastics.  The book is filled with asides that provide interesting trivia, and some necessary warnings.  Each chapter ends with a list of talking points you can use to continue the book’s conversation with your friends and family, and a list of action items that boil the chapter’s contents down into simple actions.

An easy, quick read (if you skip the Intro) that you’ll come back to over and over again.  Grove’s Field Guide to Plastics is available in paperback and eBook on Amazon, Apple, Google and Barnes & Noble.

Bob Grove is President of the Climate Council and Executive Producer of the Climate Hour.

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