15 Things One Can Do To Feel Less Hopeless About The Climate Crisis

It’s hardly surprising that eco-anxiety is a real thing, per medical journal The Lancet. Especially among young people. Defined by the American Psychological Association in 2017 as “a chronic fear of environmental doom” and also known as climate distress or climate anxiety, its symptoms are panic attacks, insomnia, and obsessive thinking; and can worsen overall mental health. Instead of focusing on the damage that’s already been done, one may be keen to focus on what one can do to help tackle the problem. Included are five lists that may help. The lists contain a selection of books, films, and podcasts that focus on solutions to the climate crisis. Also included is a suggestion of petitions to sign and activists one can follow if one is on the lookout for actionable steps to take.

By Kay Leong. Bustle. September 4, 2021.

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