1 In 3 Americans Have Experienced Effects Of The Climate Crisis This Year As Experts Warn Communities To Brace For Unprecedented Weather Events

About one in three Americans live in a county that has experienced a weather disaster over the past three months, a Washington Post analysis found. The Post’s analysis of federal disaster declarations also found that since June, at least 388 people have died from extreme weather. The Post reported that experts predict a more grim reality if emissions aren’t brought under control, with more frequent and more destructive weather disasters happening in the near future. “If we want to limit these probabilities, if we want to limit the damages, then we should start to do something for real about mitigating,” earth scientist Claudia Tebaldi of the Joint Global Change Research Institute told the Post. “And we need to start now.”

By Sarah Al-Arshani. MSN Weather. September 4, 2021.

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