Your UN News Guide To COP26-The Wait Is Over: COP26 Is Here

Calls for concrete climate action at Glasgow have been coming from all sectors. There has been a steady drumbeat of key reports showing that it is imperative for countries to take measures to curb emissions as soon as possible. The UN chief has called for a “massive mobilization” of political will that requires trust among the world’s biggest economies – the G20 – and between developed and developing countries, including emerging economies.  COP26 can still be a turning point towards a safer and greener world, and it is not too late, but “we must act now”, he stated. In this first edition of the COP26 Newsletter, there is a special guide for navigating the importance of the Conference. There is included a climate glossary of terms that will help one understand the conversations and negotiations that will be coming in the next two weeks

By UN News. October 30, 2021.

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