What The Canada Wildfire Smoke And Texas Heat Wave Have In Common: Climate Change

With over 120 million U.S. residents across the Midwest and Northeast under an air quality alert and 60 million residents in the South under heat advisories on Thursday, Americans are contending with two different effects caused by climate change. “Scientists say that climate change is making weather conditions like heat and drought that lead to wildfires more likely,” the BBC reported earlier this month. “Spring in Canada has been much warmer and drier than usual, creating a tinder-dry environment for these vast fires.” The rise in global average temperatures has also resulted in more extreme heat waves like the ongoing one in Texas and the southern Plains. There is no reason to assume that this summer’s climate-change-related extreme weather will be limited to heat waves and wildfires. Higher ocean surface temperatures and increased evaporation have also been shown to result in more incidence of heavy precipitation.

By Ben Adler. Yahoo!News. June 29, 2023.

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