Trail of Mending KC

Hosted by Clement Waters, this event is a traveling examination of Kansas City’s little-known history, known well by Kansas Citians whose families have been affected by certain events and actions that have lately been ignored or misunderstood by many others. The premise is If people from different backgrounds can listen to each other, then they will eventually find things to trust and love about each other, building common ground for effective work together. The trail will be ridden on horse back.

The Trail of Mending trail ride will start on Tuesday May 23, 2023 at 9am at Lake of the Woods in Swope Park KC, MO and end on Friday May 26, 2023 at KC Farm School on Gibbs Road in KC, KS.

Participants have already signed up to trail ride their own horses, but there are many ways to participate in every aspect. Needed are Volunteers! A wide variety of opportunities for you or your group. For example, meal providers, support vehicle drivers, brushing horses, helping with tack, poop scoopers, set up for meals, and much more. Or Donate Food or Funding for riders. All volunteers are welcome to participate in any part of the Trail of Mending event—the moving, the circling, the listening, the singing, the dancing, the sharing, the resting, all of it. Be with us.

Featured Memorials and Historic Sites:

  • MLK Jr. Park on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. west of US Hwy 71
  • Massasoit Statue at Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. and Main St. in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Shawnee Indian Mission at 53rd St. and Mission Rd. in Fairway, Kansas
  • KC Scout Statue in Penn Valley Park, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Liberty Memorial at 27th St. and Main St. in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Quindaro Ruins Overlook Structure north of I-635 on N 27th St. in Kansas City, Kansas

For more information and a detailed map of locations of all the stops go to this link: