The Climate Crisis Is Intensifying The US Border Crisis. It Will Only Get Worse

More than 10,000 migrants from Haiti converged on the US border at Del Rio, Texas. Their experiences are similar to those of migrants from Central and South America, where political and economic instability and climate change are threatening their livelihoods. Haitians have pointed to social unrest, poverty and earthquakes among the reasons for their migration. The present border crisis paints a picture of how natural disasters — and their trickle-down effects — can push people to leave their homes. Research has shown that climate migration will become more likely as the planet warms and people seek places they consider safer and more economically stable. According to a UN report in April, weather disasters linked to climate change have pushed roughly 21.5 million people in countries already struggling with conflict to move each year, on average, since 2010. 

By Rachel Ramirez. CNN. September 26, 2021.

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