The Beautiful And Terrifying Arrival Of An Early Spring

Nashville: At first I thought this winter’s strange weather was merely part of the boomerang pattern we contend with more and more frequently in these climate-troubled days. *** But the uncommonly warm days of winter turned out not to be a warm spell or even a hot spell. The uncommonly warm days of winter turned out to be spring. *** But everywhere spring was unfurling its annual magnificence weeks ahead of the norm, even the recent norm. *** The songbirds are equally confused. *** It’s impossible not to be terrified about all this. I worry that winter will come roaring back to blast all these flowers and all these baby birds. *** I worry that this early spring is the harbinger of a brutal and everlasting summer. I worry most that careless human beings continue to be so careless and that profit-mad corporations continue to be so mad. 

By Margaret Renkl. New York Times. March 11, 2023.

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