Ten Ways to Confront the Climate Crisis Without Losing Hope

It’s easy to despair at the climate crisis, or to decide it’s already too late – but it’s not. Here’s how to keep the fight alive

By Rebecca Solnit. Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd.

The emotional toll of the climate crisis has become an urgent crisis of its own. It’s best met, I believe, by both being well grounded in the facts, and working towards achieving a decent future – and by acknowledging there are grounds for fear, anxiety and depression in both the looming possibilities and in institutional inaction. What follows is a set of tools I’ve found useful both for the inward business of attending to my state of mind, and for the outward work of trying to do something about the climate crisis – which are not necessarily separate jobs.

  1. Feed your feelings on facts
  2. Pay attention to what’s already happening
  3. Look beyond the individual and find good people
  4. The future is not yet written
  5. Indirect consequences matter
  6. Imagination is a superpower
  7. Check the facts (and watch out for liars)
  8. History can guide us
  9. Remember the predecessors
  10. Don’t neglect beauty

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