South Australia hits 80%

South Australia has made renewable energy a focus. Check out their results.

At the end of February, summer ended in Australia. Throughout the entire summer the state of South Australia, which is about 45% bigger than the size of Texas but has only about 6% of the population, did not experience any blackouts despite record heatwaves.

South Australia also achieved a remarkable milestone with 80% of the electricity demand between October 1 and December 31 being filled from renewable sources. Yet, in the summer of 2007/2008 renewables accounted for only 2.6% of the supplied power.

The Renew Economy article goes on to say “Some states have even higher targets. South Australia itself is aiming for “net” 100 per cent renewables within five years, while Victoria has an official target of 95 per cent renewables by 2035, by which time it assumes the last of its brown coal generators will have closed.”

Cheers to South Australia on remarkable progress in just 15 years.