MY REGION WINS! – Kansas City’s Creative NonProfit Organization

With the mission to “Transcend everyday challenges by using the Arts to nurture creative & undeveloped ideas that shape society,” MRW! creates projects and programs to address environmental & social injustices & issues. Our work is done at the intersection of the Arts, Nature, & Neighborhoods. One of the current projects in progress is BOON AREA 1 located at 3400 East 72nd Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64132.

Boon Area 1 is an environmental, nature-based, interactive, functional art installation that acts as a contemporary community garden. Named “Boon Area” because boon means something beneficial, sought after and helpful. The “1” is that MRW!’s vision is to see Boon Area’s pop up in many neighborhoods east of Troost.

In 2016 MRW! obtained this property in a business zone (B1-1) from Land Bank and began beautifying the property and the business zone. The actions of beautification, and planting native plants brought life into this disinvested business zone on the west side of District 5. A Boon Area not just in a space for art and nature, but also a check from the revenue generated at BOON AREA 1 has been given to the Noble Neighborhood.

The goal is to be able to generate enough revenue to support Noble Neighborhood in becoming self-sustaining by providing funds to the neighborhood to:

  • Fund neighborhood programs and projects.
  • Compensate residents who take on roles within the neighborhood, (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Youth Director, Block Coordinator and so on. There are over 40 Officer Titles that can be held within a neighborhood. 
  • Ultimately to stipend every household in Noble neighborhood from the revenue generated at BOON AREA 1 is the vision.

We need your help, but we are also here to help!

  • Volunteer Every Saturday from 8 to 10am at BOON AREA 1 3400 East 72nd Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64132. 
  • Coordinate a Work Day for your group or organization.
  • 2nd Sundays – A social-networking gathering every second Sunday of the month between April and October (weather permitting) helps keep this business zone from being dismissed. JOIN US! 
  • RESERVE BOON AREA 1 for an event or gathering
  • Donate to MRW! projects.

Boon Area 1 is an example of the many projects and programs that MRW! plans to accomplish. To find out more about the big picture for MRW! & how you can help make Kansas City a Boon Region, click HERE.