McKibben: Through The Smoke

In New York and DC emergency rooms are filling up with asthmatic kids who can’t breathe. It’s truly terrible, but in one limited way it’s also a gift:  There’s more economic and political power concentrated in the northeast U.S. than perhaps any place on earth. And today those power centers are experiencing what a huge percentage of the world experiences every day.  We know that one death in five on this earth comes from people breathing the combustion byproducts of fossil fuel; that tightness in your lungs is daily life in Delhi and Lahore and a thousand Chinese cities whose names we barely recognize. So, a few things for today:

1)    Take care of yourself, and your grandkids.

2)    Have even more empathy for the people in the rest of the world going forward

3)    Double down in the fight against the burning of fossil fuels.

By Bill McKibben. Th!rd Act. June 7, 2023.

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