McKibben: Global Warming By The Numbers, Because This Week The Reality Is Too Much

The busiest hurricane season ever recorded is continuing on into the late fall, with consequences so horrifying one can hardly stand to look. Right now, Hurricane Iota is mashing Central America; it will likely be a few days before we know the precise results. Before this, Hurricane Eta, in a few days, cost Honduras the equivalent of around twenty per cent of its gross domestic product. 

Dollars and cents may be our best chance to attack the underlying cause of climate change in the years ahead—the Biden Administration, absent a Democratic-controlled Senate, will struggle to pass straightforward climate legislation, but it should be able to put new pressure on Wall Street that could begin to starve the fossil-fuel industry and bankroll the desperately needed conversion to clean energy.

By Bill McKibben. New Yorker. November 17, 2020.

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