March 25 @ 6:30pm: People’s Hearing on Evergy’s Long Term Energy Plan

Right now our electric company, Evergy, Inc., is completing its plan for our energy future to submit to Kansas and Missouri regulators for approval next month.  Evergy’s current plan is likely to spend more than $5 billion of customer money in the next few years on equipment that the grid of the future does not need. They made a similar decision by investing in obsolete coal plants (so they could raise prices on customers instead of closing the plants) ten years ago.  As customers, we should demand that they commit to a plan that works for customers: cheap, clean, distributed energy and efficiency to bring maximum value to struggling communities. Evergy’s plan (IRP) has a huge impact on our health and community, but no public hearing has been scheduled to let the public have a say. So together, we the people will make sure our voices are heard. 
Sign up now to give a public comment at next Thursday’s People’s Hearing and tell Evergy, Inc. to do its job by making an energy plan that puts our communities first. Providing a comment takes no more than 3 minutes, and help is available for anyone who would like assistance preparing their comment.  On Thursday, March 25, at 6:30pm, customers of Evergy and allies throughout Kansas and Missouri will gather virtually to demand the electric company give customers a say in how their money gets spent. Many will be telling the company to commit to reduce pollution and bills for low income customers by getting rid of expensive fossil fuel plants. We encourage those who support that message to also sign this individual petition to demand a safer energy future for Kansas and Missouri. 

Sierra Club and Build Power MoKan

Billy Davies
Conservation Organizer
Sierra Club Missouri Chapter
Kansas City, MO
Phone: 847-636-3642
Email: [email protected]