Major U.S. Cities Consider Climate Emergency Declarations

Leaders Declare Climate Emergency for San Diego

At least a dozen California cities and hundreds nationally that have already declared climate emergencies. San Diego’s Environmental Committee voted Thursday to approve a resolution that declares San Diego in the midst of a climate emergency for the city. The resolution acknowledges the threat of climate change on the city and its residents and declares the city’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, though it doesn’t approve any action to be taken.

By Christina Bravo. 7NBC San Diego. January 18, 2020.

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Chicago Prepares to Declare Climate Emergency

A climate emergency resolution was introduced at Wednesday’s Chicago City Council meeting. Citing conditions including lakefront erosion, citywide flooding and severe unseasonal weather, the resolution declares: “the City of Chicago hereby declares a state of climate emergency that threatens the health and well-being of Chicago, its inhabitants, and its environment.”

Patty Wetli. WTTW (PBS) News. January 15, 2020.

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