Ma Jun: China Has Started To ‘Walk The Walk’ On Climate Crisis

The U.S. dropped the environmental ball under Trump, but Biden victory means the two countries can work together for a green recovery, says one of China’s top environmental campaigners. China is preparing to host major talks on the environment for the first time at Cop 15 in Kunming in 2021, where the international community will sign up to a Paris-style agreement for nature. President Xi Jinping has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060 and ensure China’s greenhouse gas emissions peak during this decade. The next five-year plan, currently being developed, could be the greenest yet. “There’s so much that could be done by the two countries [China and America]: the two largest economies, the two largest emitters. There’s so much that they should do together,” Ma Jun enthuses about Biden’s commitment to rejoin the Paris agreement. If the president-elect’s $1.7tn green investment spending plans are carried out in full, his presidency could reduce global heating by 0.1C, according to recent analysis by Climate Action Tracker.

By Patrick Greenfield. The Guardian. November 13, 2020.

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