Kansas City Will Upgrade 84,000 Streetlights To LEDs, Its First Big Change In Decades

By a vote of 11-1, the Kansas City Council on Thursday passed an ordinance for a contract to replace 84,000 city streetlights with LED bulbs and fixtures. The city will contract with local company Black & McDonald to do the streetlight replacement, which will begin this May and is expected to take three years to complete. Maggie Green, media relations manager for Kansas City, said the project is a wise investment that will lead to reduced maintenance and energy costs and a reduction in carbon emissions. Public Works projected that the city would save 2,500 tons in carbon emissions in the first year. That would grow to 20,000 after three years. Once the conversion is complete, Public Works projects the city will save 28,700 tons in carbon emissions each year. As the city embarks on the project, Green, the city spokeswoman, said the city is testing different light and color temperature options, including using systems to dim LED lights.

By Celisa Calacal. KCUR. January 13, 2021.

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