Is Ignoring Climate… Planetary Treason?

Planetary TreasonWith extinctions on the horizon (perhaps our own), it’s time to define a new label for those in power obstructing climate solutions.

That is the topic of this Soular Project vlog, Click the image or the link to view this vlog video.  Please “Like,” and “Subscribe” to help their efforts become more successful!

Treason is a harsh and serious label to place on one’s actions. It is reserved for actions of betrayal to one’s nation or the murder of the head of state. Serious indeed. But if one’s actions (or inactions) lead to the collapse of our planet’s ability to sustain life, I can’t imagine anything more serious. I can’t imagine anything more treasonous.

The Soular Project is a YouTube Vlog whose purpose is to “Mobilize Hearts and Minds to Battle the Climate Emergency.” Craig Wolfe and daughter Angela Summers chose the YouTube vlog format as their way to communicate the seriousness and urgency of the climate emergency. Click here to see the video on Planetary Treason. Click here  to visit The Soular Project channel to see all its videos.

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