International Compost Awareness Week May 5-11

International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is the largest and most comprehensive education initiative of the compost industry. It is celebrated nationwide and in other countries each year during the first full week of May. The goal of ICAW is to work together to raise public awareness on why we all should be composting our organics and using compost to create healthier soil. The program includes poster and video contests in the fall and activities and events held during the week in May. Throughout the week of ICAW, events are held all over the country and the world with community, school, government and business planning different activities to encourage and celebrate composting – all types of composting – from backyard to large–scale. Click HERE to see events across the US.

MO Organic Recycling invites KC Metro to Celebrate Compost Week

You are invited to join Co-Hosts Missouri Organic Recycling and KC Farm School on Gibbs Rd for COMPOST FEST 3 on May 11 from 9am – 2pm. Compost Fest 3 will be held on Common Ground which is adjacent to the KC Farm School on Gibbs Rd 4223 Gibbs Rd. Kansas City, KS 66106. The main event will be the construction of a GIANT compost pile made from leaves, KC Metro food waste, and spent grains from Boulevard Beer brewery.

What to Expect:

10:00 am at Common Ground

  • Goats on the Go JoCO – visit with Vicky to learn how the goats are helping.
  • No Till Planting – Urbavore Farm’s Mickey demonstrates

11:00 am at Common Ground

  • Goats on the Go JoCO – visit with Vicky to learn how the goats are helping.
  • Black Soldier Fly Larva Composting – Farmer Dan Krull demonstrates.
  • The Beer dregs arrive at the GIANT compost pile.
  • Eco Elvis – performs outside the KC Farm School Greenhouse.

10:30 am at Common Ground

  • Compostman Stan – performs original songs about composting

1:00 pm at Common Ground

  • David Haken – Entertains us with folk songs

All Day: 9am – 2pm at Common Ground

  • Feel the Heat – feel the heat from a compost pile & learn what creates it.
  • Kids Corner – fun educational activities for all ages.
  • Johnson-Su Bioreactor Build – Learn an easy way to compost your Fall leaves.
  • Biochar Burn – learn how to burn unwanted woody pieces to create Biochar.
  • The KC Farm School is having a Plant Sale at their Greenhouse.
  • Missouri Organic Recycling is overseeing the GIANT Compost Pile build, hosting the Kids Corner and helping you understand how to increase your soil health.
  • Bring your own container to take home woodchips for use around your home.
  • US Fish & Wildlife will talk about pollinators and show a solar scope.
  • Compost Collective KC will be educating us about food waste and composting.
  • KC Can Compost will be available to talk about home composting.
  • Urbavore Farm will be available to help you with all your gardening questions.
  • Community Soil Science Cooperative will be there to explain how healthy soil is created.
  • Pachamama Alliance can help you understand Carbon Footprint Eating and vermicomposting.
  • Plant Sale – all day at the KC Farm School Greenhouse.
  • All the amazing KC Farm School vendors – click HERE to see list.

This event will be outside and on Farm so dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes. A fun time is guaranteed for all.

We look forward to hosting all of you and helping you learn how you can compost, create healthy soils and create your dream garden.