If The Virus Can Decimate Global Economies So Can Climate Change

Today, the international community faces a new threat — an invisible virus that has infected millions and killed 40,000 to date. It is shutting down commerce and wounding economies too. Great thinkers are wanted now more than ever: if a virus can disassemble livelihoods so too can climate change — another amorphous problem that has been allowed to fester and that needs leadership. The pandemic shows that delayed action brings significant economic consequences. It is critical that while jobs and livelihoods are protected, the commitment remains for the unchanged need to decarbonize our societies and meet sustainability goals. Congress just passed a $2 trillion stimulus plan and one that focuses on getting people back to work and putting money in their pockets. But nowhere in that package is an investment in infrastructure and green energy. That’s why the U.S. House is now working on a separate stimulus bill that would allocate money to highways, airports and seaports. The bill would have money poured into low-carbon assets — things like new solar and wind farms as well as advanced broadband and telecom. Whatever the label, this is really a Green New Deal

By Ken Silverstein. Forbes. April 1, 2020.

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