Glasgow COP26: Highlights And Images Of Main Proceedings For 5 November 2021

It was Youth Day at the Glasgow Climate Change Conference. A Fridays for Future march gathered 10,000 schoolkids and supporters in the streets. Inside the venue, events focused on youth and gave glimpses of the world they will inherit. Negotiators continued to try to resolve key issues before the subsidiary bodies closing plenaries on Saturday, 6 November.

Highlights included:

  • Negotiations on finance and adaptation
  • Events taking stock of COP 26 commitments and the role of youth

The negotiations on Friday clustered together issues. Negotiators tend to follow, or specialize in, one issue, so clustering together finance and adaptation issues blocks off hours of the negotiators’ time and helps prevent conflicts in their schedules.

Finance negotiations were one such cluster. There were extensive discussions on the new collective quantified goal on climate finance. The goal in Glasgow is not to set a specific number, but to establish a process for countries to learn, deliberate, and decide how much finance developed countries (and those able and willing to do so) will provide and mobilize.

Adaptation was the second major cluster of the day. The discussions included how to develop and implement national planning processes to build resilience and reduce vulnerability to the effects of climate change.

By IISD. Earth Negotiations Bulletin. November 5, 2021.

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