Director of Renew Missouri Interviewed on Youtube

James Owen, Executive Director of Renew Missouri, was recently interviewed on Youtube. Renew Missouri is a 501(c)(3) group committed to making Missouri a national leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and is engaged with cases before the Missouri Public Service Commission and lobbies before the Missouri Legislature on these issues. They work with municipalities and counties to develop plans and ordinances to establish and enhance clean energy policies. They also work to engage with member-owners of rural electric cooperatives. Most recently, Renew Missouri has placed a focus on providing access to energy efficiency to residents of multifamily-low income housing. 

In the past two years, Renew Missouri has added an office and full-time staff member in Kansas City to work specifically with their allies on these issues on both sides of the state line. They have a Renewable Energy and Efficiency Leadership (REEL) Council that works with institutions and businesses to develop ideas into reality. If you’re interested in signing up for their e-letter or their podcast “Renew Gurus,” go to While you’re there, please consider making a donation and follow Renew Missouri on Facebook, Instagram (renewmo), and Twitter (@renewmo).

Renew Missouri is a member of the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City. Watch the complete interview below and visit the Climate Council Channel on Youtube for more interviews, broadcasts and educational videos.