‘Crossroads Of The Climate Crisis’: Swing State Arizona Grapples With Deadly Heat

Maricopa county is home to America’s hottest city, where deaths from the heat are weighing on voters’ minds. In August this year, Maricopa county, which encompasses Phoenix, recorded 1,000 Covid-19 deaths. That same month, the county was investigating more than 260 heat-related deaths. This summer, temperatures here stayed above 90F (32C), even at night, for 28 days straight, with the scorching weather in July and August breaking records. It was so hot and dry that towering saguaro cactuses that dot the landscape began to topple over and die. Once a stronghold of western conservatism, Maricopa county has been slowly undergoing a political transformation – and has become one of the fiercely contested election battlegrounds in the nation.

By Maanvi Singh and Lauren Gambino. The Guardian. November 1, 2020.

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