Climate of Community: True Power for Climate Resilience and Recovery

Climate of Community

True Power for Climate Resilience and Recovery

Sunday, December 27, 2020

3:00-5:00 pm CST on Zoom 

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“Climate anxiety” and “eco-grief” refer to the widespread distress people experience as the realities of the climate crisis set in.  Fear of what is to come and a sense of helplessness can wear us down.  We are often overwhelmed, unsure how to do anything meaningful enough to make the large scale and fast changes needed to turn this around.

Climate of Community is a grassroots group, a combined effort of a previous group based in Lawrence, KS and The Resilient Activist organization. Many other organizations are partnering, sponsoring, supporting us as well.

The process of how we go about developing community is integral in effectively responding to the climate crisis.

We are working to create a climate of Community

so the community can work effectively for the Climate.

This program is open to anyone in any location! With the power of online meetings, community groups can be defined by more than just geographic proximity.

In this event, Dr. Barbara Gilbert will teach and facilitate a process for moving from despair, grief, or anxiety to empowerment. We will also work to further develop connections among participants. Your voice–all voices–are essential to our strength.

Barbara Gilbert, PhD

Barbara Gilbert, PhD is a clinical psychologist currently in private practice in Lawrence, Kansas and has practiced clinically for 35 years. She also has experience addressing larger-scale barriers to healthy functioning of the whole community.  She offers a psychology-based path to True Power for Climate Resilience and Recovery. Connect with Dr. Gilbert at this link.

Co-Sponsors:  The Resilient ActivistHaskell Indian Nations UniversityUniversity of Kansas Center for Compassionate and Sustainable CommunitiesLawrence, KS Public Library.

Partners:  Sunrise Movement-LawrenceCity of Lawrence, KS Sustainability OfficeBe Moved Studio