Climate Conversations with Visionary Activist Emily Libla

Climate Conversations 

Visionary Activist Emily Libla

Sat. Dec. 19, 10 am – noon CST on Zoom

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Emily Libla is an educator, a questioner, and a dreamer of what’s possible when we collectively wake up and join together to create a future worth living to the fullest.  Through her work, she is committed to bringing forth a shift in the prevailing worldview of separation and eliciting a remembering of our physical, emotional, and spiritual inter-being.

Join us to hear Emily’s journey to becoming a Visionary Activist and get a sense of your own grand vision!

“A common theme that drives my life is the recognition that my work isn’t about me; it’s about being of service to that which I love.  What’s needed isn’t always what I find most comfortable to give, but that’s where growth happens, and where possibilities become reality.”        

~Visionary Activist Emily Libla

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Emily LiblaEmily’s vision honors the beauty and diversity of the natural world and has led her to become a Reiki Master, a Food Educator, and a community activist, leading and joining a variety of programs throughout the Kansas City area.  She found her home as a visionary activist with the Pachamama Alliance and became a Program Facilitator for both their Awakening the Dreamer and Drawdown Initiative programs.

Most recently, Emily co-founded Drawdown of the Heartland – a community network committed to accelerating solutions to reverse global warming here in the KC region.  She is committed to inspiring bold, community-level engagement, increasing listening for indigenous and diverse voices, and creating partnerships for equity and justice to support healthy, thriving communities.