The Carbon Almanac

The Carbon Almanac is both a book and a global community; an easily understood source of climate knowledge and an amazing example of collective action. The book itself is a compilation of reliable information, resources, charts, graphs and illustrations on the science, impacts, and solutions to climate change contributed by 300 writers, researchers, and illustrators from 41 different countries. The collective that created the book has grown into a network of podcasts, a LinkedIn course, an online climate resource collection, an educator’s guide, free children’s editions in 20+ languages, and a network of thousands of climate “changemakers” in 90+ countries.

Join host, Bob Grove, and guests to discuss the Carbon Almanac.

Guests include:

  • Cathryn Barnard, co-director of Working the Future (London, UK)
  • Saurabh Mithal, founder of Passionately Curious (Bangalore, India)
  • Anna Smith, Pubic Health Professional (Iquitos, Peru)