Climate Conversations: Visionary Activist Sheryl Hammontree, Thoughtful Threads

The Resilient Activist
is delighted to have our next
Climate Conversations 

Visionary Activist

Sheryl Hammontree

Founder of Thoughtful Threads

Saturday, May 15, 2021, 10 am-noon CDT on Zoom

Register at this link

Designer Sheryl Hammontree believes that what we wear can radiate positive vibes inside and out. That’s why she created Thoughtful Threads, which delivers heart-centered, expressive clothing for anyone who wishes to supercharge connection by spreading messages of empowerment, equality, love, and kindness.

Sheryl combines her mastery for creative, beautiful design with a fierce commitment to socially ethical and environmentally-friendly business practices. From the threads she chooses to the packaging she uses, she is focused on working with sustainable materials and fair trade, environmentally-friendly garments that respect people and protect our precious planet.

This event is a program of The Resilient Activist.