Biden’s Infrastructure And Climate Plan Emerges As Congressional Wrangling Begins

The White House on Wednesday is expected to unveil a plan to spend $2.25 trillion on a jobs and infrastructure package that could form a cornerstone of President Biden’s economic agenda. Biden’s plan will include approximately $650 billion to rebuild America’s infrastructure, such as its roads, bridges, highways, and ports, the people said. The plan will also include hundreds of billions of dollars to bolster the nation’s electric grid, among other major investments, the people said. The plan, which Biden will introduce in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, forms only one part of the “Build Back Better” agenda that the administration aims to introduce. Psaki has said the administration within weeks will introduce a second legislative package. The combined price-tag of the plans could top $4 trillion. The jockeying around these efforts has already begun, as Biden’s allies push for inclusion of their priorities in the next major legislative effort. Centrist Liberal lawmakers and some economists are pressing the administration to use Democrats’ narrow majorities in Congress to confront some of the nation’s biggest problems, such as climate change, with solutions they believe are necessary to the scale of the crises.

By Jeff Stein, Seung Min Kim and Juliet Eilperin. Washington Post. By March 30, 2021.

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