Bicycles Provide Homeless with Climate-Friendly Solution To Their Transportation Needs

Used Bicycles, Cycling Gear Needed for Homeless People.

Climate change poses the greatest threat to those that are the least responsible; often people that are already vulnerable due to poverty or health.  Providing bicycles to the homeless promotes the climate and health benefits of cycling while allowing the homeless easier access to resources and job opportunities.

In 2017, Hope Faith started Hope Cycles, the first bike space operated by individuals transitioning to self-sufficiency, which provides bicycles, training and vocational opportunities to homeless people.

Hope Faith, the only daytime homeless assistance campus in Kansas City, accepts your donations of adult bicycles, helmets, bike locks and bike parts, performs ongoing repair and maintenance, then provides the bikes to people experiencing homelessness who lack transportation to school, work and medical appointments.

Please contact Patrick Hampton at [email protected] to donate your bikes, parts and gear.