Barrett Sparks Outrage With Claim That She Has No “Firm Views” On Climate Crisis

Environmentalists were appalled — if not necessarily surprised — by Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s statement Tuesday that she does not “have firm views” on climate change, an ostensibly neutral comment that critics said is tantamount to denial of the science. Barrett’s comments drew immediate backlash from environmentalists and experts who noted that one need not be a scientist to recognize the reality of human-caused climate change. The Daily Poster’s David Sirota, Andrew Perez, and Walker Bragman reported Wednesday morning that as Senate Republicans rush ahead with Barrett’s confirmation process, the Supreme Court is “preparing to hear a climate case involving fossil fuel giants, including Shell Oil, where her father spent much of his career … The upcoming climate case is particularly important for the fossil fuel industry as it seeks to ward off a wave of climate litigation.”

By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams. Truthout. October 14, 2020.

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