Water Wars: Direct Impacts of Water Scarcity on the World

CLIMATE HOUR – Clean water is essential for life, yet billions of people around the world don’t have enough water. Global warming is increasing the number of water-stressed areas and magnifying the water problems in regions already affected, leading to increased geopolitical conflict and water wars.

Scientists with the United Nations report a 20% drop in renewable water resources for every 1° celsius increase in global warming. So the world’s current 1.5° celsius increase means we’ve already lost 30% of our renewable water resources. Subtropical regions, like the southern United States, North Africa and Australia are suffering longer and more frequent droughts; broken by torrential rainfalls that cause flooding. Water scarcity is effecting the world’s food supplies and is a direct cause of mass migration.

Water Wars

Join host, Bob Grove, and Dr Wendell Chris King, retired U.S. Army Brigadier General and co-founder of the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change to discuss Water Wars: Direct Impacts of Water Scarcity on the World.

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