Using Oyster Shells To Cool Buildings 

White-painted roofs can reflect heat from the sun, significantly lowering the indoor temperature of a building. This simple and cost-effective solution for mitigating heat has been employed for centuries, particularly in the Mediterranean and South American regions.

In hot and sunny parts of the world, this low-tech approach also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By lowering indoor temperatures, it decreases the need for air conditioning, in turn reducing annual energy consumption.

Cool Roof France, a French paint company has taken this idea a step further by incorporating oyster shells into their product. By including oyster shell powder in the paint formulation, the longevity of the coating is improved while preserving the heat-reflective properties of the paint.

This innovative paint is water-based and pollutant-free. By sourcing raw materials from bio-based sources and repurposing waste from oyster farming activity on the French Atlantic coasts, the company is tapping into the circular economy’s untapped potential.

This approach exemplifies the boundless innovation humans can achieve when seeking climate change adaptation solutions. It integrates a climate change mitigation strategy while also leveraging the often untapped potential of the circular economy.

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