UN’s Biodiversity Conference

UN Chief Urges Governments And Business To Step Up Action To Protect Nature

Governments and the private sector must move to effectively protect the natural environment, Secretary-General António Guterres told journalists covering the UN biodiversity conference, COP15, in Montréal, Canada, on Wednesday. “Ecosystems have become playthings of profit. Human activities are laying waste to once-thriving forests, jungles, farmland, oceans, rivers, seas and lakes,” he said.  “Humanity’s war on nature is ultimately a war on ourselves.” 

By UN News. December 7, 2022.

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‘Without Nature, We Have Nothing’: UN Chief Sounds Alarm At Key UN Biodiversity Event

The UN’s key biodiversity conference, COP15, began on Tuesday in Montreal, Canada, where negotiators will set new targets and goals aimed at arresting the alarming destruction of nature, due by human activity. The conference is being billed as a major biodiversity COP, because it is expected to lead to the adoption of a new Global Biodiversity Framework, guiding actions worldwide through 2030, to preserve and protect our natural resources. The delegates and organizers will be hoping that this framework will have a more lasting impact than the previous version: at COP10, in 2010, governments agreed to strive for ambitious targets by 2020, including halving natural habitat loss, and implementing plans for sustainable consumption and production.

By UN News. December 6, 2022.

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