Tracking The Environmental Rules Reversed Under Trump

Shortly after coming into office three years ago, President Trump began to undo many of the major climate and environmental policies put in place by his predecessor, Barack Obama, calling them unnecessary and harmful to industry. The New York Times climate team chronicled this flurry of reversals, one by one. And, for Mr. Trump’s first 100 days in office, we pulled together each of these early actions into a single list, so readers could better understand the scope of the president’s deregulatory agenda. At that time, there had been 23 rules being rolled back. Presently nearly 100 rules and regulations have been reversed or on the way out under Mr. Trump. More than 60 rules have been officially revoked or otherwise undone, with an additional 34 rollbacks still in progress, including rules governing clean air, water and toxic chemicals.

By Nadja Popovich. New York Times-Climate Fwd:. May 13, 2020.

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