Together, Let’s Plant 500 Fruit Trees in Honor of Earth Month!

April is a perfect month to celebrate and nourish the beauty of Earth. No other plant nourishes the Earth and its residents like a fruit tree! For that reason, we encourage everyone to plant a tree in honor of Earth Month 2024. LEARN MORE

IF growing a fruit tree is not feasible for you this year, help The Giving Grove plant in your honor. A $50 donation can provide a fruit tree and the supplies needed for its upkeep in an urban neighborhood. The Jack & Glenna Wylie Foundation has generously offered to match all gifts , up to $25,000 between now and April 30, 2024. With your support, The Giving Grove will be able to plant 500 trees in honor of caring people like you!

There are many ways a fruit tree benefits both your yard and your community! The Giving Grove offers resources that make fruit tree growing more accessible.

Here is a handy list of resources available online:

Find the right variety of fruit tree. Finding the right variety of fruit tree matters, especially in the midwestern and northern climates. Check out this list of recommended varieties, or contact your local Giving Grove partner.

Learn how to plant a fruit tree properly. Most trees planted in the spring will be planted bare-root, but it is possible to plant a potted tree as well. These easy-to-print how-tos can help you along the way. You can also visit our YouTube channel for video tutorials.

Download a maintenance calendar. The first three years of your new tree’s life are the most important. Download our easy-to-print Orchard Maintenance Timeline and Month-by-Month Maintenance Calendar to easy reference throughout the year.

Keep your tree disease and pest-free. The Giving Grove offers several resources to help identify pests and diseases, but the best plan of action is prevention through our Holistic Spray practices in the spring and fall.

Prune twice a year to keep trees healthy and manageable. Pruning trees shouldn’t be intimidating. Visit our summer and winter pruning guides for easy-to-follow guides for pruning your tree.

Water. Water. Water. Water is an essential life force for trees! Reference our easy-to-follow watering guide or visit YouTube for our 4-part video tutorial on watering fruit trees.

Stay up-to-date. Stay up-to-date on orcharding news, practices, and events through The Giving Grove’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and quarterly newsletter.

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