The Climate Hour Moves To Monday Evenings

The Climate Hour is moving to Monday evenings beginning July 5th. This news/talk radio show focuses on the latest solutions to the Climate crisis. Recent episodes have discussed Urban Farming, Active Transportation, Environmental Justice, U.S. Climate Policy, and Green Legislation with climate authors, film directors and political leaders. “We talk about common-sense climate solutions,” says Bob Grove, the Climate Hour’s host. “My goal is to learn something new with each episode; something that I can take home and make part of my daily life.”

The idea for the Climate Hour started with guest appearances by the Climate Council’s President, Bob Grove, on KKFI 90.1 FM. Grove’s interviews with Council partners and national climate leaders soon expanded into a monthly “climate hour” on KKFI’s Thursday Night Special. After nine months, the Climate Hour was invited to pursue national syndication through the Pacifica Broadcast Network.

“Moving from a monthly to a syndicated weekly broadcast is a big step,” says Grove. “We not only have to expand our local broadcast team, but need to expand the scope of our coverage to address the needs of a national audience.” Grove is busy recruiting producers, artists, engineers and others to join the Climate Hour’s production team. His goal is to be able to provide weekly climate programming by 2022. During this transition period, the Climate Hour will be syndicated on the Pacifica Broadcast Network as a monthly and KKFI will air the program on the first Monday of each month as part of EcoRadio KC.

You can hear the Climate Hour first Mondays of each month on KKFI 90.1 FM at 6pm Central.

The Climate Hour is supported by the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City.