The Amazing Impacts of the Little Community Orchard

CLIMATE HOUR – A little community orchard provides an amazing number of benefits. First there’s basic carbon sequestration. Trees take carbon out of the air and reduce global warming. Then there’s food sovereignty. Trees give you control of your own food sources. In today’s corporate farming system, genetically modified foods are picked green, irradiated to prevent spoilage, then shipped half way around the world to high priced grocery stores. Food sovereignty means growing tasty, nutritious food that you can just walk up to the end of a block and pick from a tree. And then there’s community building. Bringing people together. Creating a shared work that builds relationships and creates a sense of accomplishment.

Community Orchard

Join host, Bob Grove, and guests to discuss the Amazing Impacts of the Little Community Orchard. Guests include:

  • Erica Kratofil, Co-Executive Director, Giving Grove
  • Florence Williams, Science Journalist and Author
  • Matt Bunch, Horticulturalist, Giving Grove

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