Student Environmental Action Award

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE) presents Student Environmental Action Awards to recognize Missouri high school students who have initiated and/or contributed to innovative projects that have or will result in a strong, beneficial environmental impact.

Applicants should stress its impact and the role of students in initiating and/or perpetuating the project.  The application should be written by students and co-signed by a faculty member who can verify the project and results. 

Please send any questions to [email protected].


  • First – $300 (one awardee)
  • Second – $200 (one awardee)
  • Honorary Mention – $100 (no limit, at MCE’s discretion)

Judging will be done by individuals with a history of environmental work and/or environmental education.

With the applicants permission, all winning entries will appear on our website. 

MCE reserves the right to limit awards.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Submission – 2/28/24
  • Awards Announced – 4/22/24, Earth Day

Apply Now