Share the Sun – Low-Income Solar Panel Opportunity

Want lower electricity bills?  Share the Sun can help.  Share the Sun is a free solar energy program that helps low-income KCMO residents reduce their energy bills.  Eligible homeowners can receive a 10-panel, 4-kW solar energy system with a 25-year warranty at no cost.

To qualify, a person must:

  • Own and occupy their home
  • Have a roof 10 years old or less
  • Live in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Make equal to or less than 60% Area Median Income

Share the Sun is brought to Kansas City, MO by the following organizations with generous support from the KCMO city government and Metropolitan Energy Center: Solar Crowdsource, Westside Housing, Center for Neighborhoods, Jerusalem Farm, Kansas City Public Library, Greenwood Consulting Group, My Region Wins!, Climate + Energy Project, Sierra Club Missouri Chapter, and Central Plains US Green Building Council.

To sign up, email  The program will continue through the end of the 2023 calendar year.  Please spread the word among your networks!