Reflections on the Crisis in the Middle East

Within The Resilient Activist organization, we have taken some time to step back, take a breath, and reflect on the gut-wrenching war in the Middle East. We acknowledge that there is suffering, grief, anger, fear, blame, and resentment by people on every side of this crisis and that those emotions are shared by family and friends around the world.

One thing we know for sure is that the only true path to peace lies outside the constructs of winners and losers. This conflict, beginning in 1947 with the United Nations General Assembly’s plan to partition Palestine into Arab and Jewish states in response to the fallout of the Holocaust, has seen battle after battle, suicide bombings, tank and air strikes, and so much more  – with supposed winners and losers each time – over 76 long years.

We invite you to research organizations that are working for peace in the Middle East to learn more about this long-standing conflict and to reflect, with compassion, on every community that is suffering because of it.

Join Climate-Aware Therapist, Ashley Radtke and The Resilient Activist, Sami Aaron, for a heartfelt conversation followed by a reflective, nature-centered meditation as we come together as a caring community to share the emotional burden we are carrying.

Is there a path to peace in our hearts when it feels like there is no peace in the world? Join us on Zoom this Saturday, Nov. 18th 10 – 11:30 am Central on Zoom for Conversation and Meditation: Holding Grief in Community (see below) to examine the heaviness of complex grief and experience the calming practice of guided meditation. 

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