Our Story

The Climate Council was formed in response to the urgency we face regarding global warming, and in recognition of the need for concerted, collective action on a community-wide level to address this crisis.  Our goal is to support and expand the important work already happening through partnering with individuals, organizations, businesses, legislators and others in taking bold, effective action and assisting others in joining together through this platform.  We offer free educational programming designed to inspire community action, and support advocacy for meaningful change at the local and regional level. We are all needed, and we all have a role to play. By joining together, we can more effectively address the important issues facing us today, and create healthy, just and sustainable communities.

In Partnership With

The regions leading environmental organizations.

Climate Council is a nonpartisan hub for bringing people and solutions together. We cast a wide net for partnership, and we welcome individuals and organizations from across the political spectrum who are dedicated to solving the climate crisis. Because everyone will be impacted by the current changes in our climate system, we believe everyone has a part to play in reversing them.   While some of our partners may disagree on other political issues, we welcome diverse perspectives that recognize the urgency for action and wish to work toward common solutions.

Ready to join the team?

Does your group work on climate issues?  Would you like to partner with us?