Online Events Secured to Prevent Zoom-Bombing

During these periods of social-distancing and lock-down, people are flocking to online video communications services like Zoom. EF20 Online is using Zoom’s advanced webinar software to allow you to interact live with climate speakers, films and music during this week-long series of free climate events.

There’s been a lot of news lately about Zoom being unsecure; meetings getting zoom-bombed, which is when someone uninvited joins an online meeting and inserts offensive video or audio. Zoom has always had the ability to encrypt and password protect meetings, but these features are off by default. You need to turn them on when you set up your online meeting. The people being zoom-bombed didn’t turn on these protections; they’ve simply left the door unlocked.

This won’t happen at EF20 Online. When you register for an event at, you receive a confirmation email that contains an encrypted link that is unique to you. You just click this link when you’re ready to join your live event and it securely logs you into that event. It’s that simple. One click creates a secure, encrypted connection that lets you interact with live climate speakers from the comfort and safety of your home or office. Nobody joins an EF20 Online event without registering and nobody can insert unauthorized video or audio. So no zoom-bombing is possible.

EF20 Online is the safe and secure way to engage with climate issues on this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

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