Ocean Warming And The Survival Of The World’s Largest Ecosystem

CLIMATE HOUR — Oceans cover 70% of our planet’s surface. Oceans absorb 90% of the heat from global warming. They absorb 30% of the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossile fuels. Oceans drive our planet’s weather and oceans feed much of the world. Ocean warming threatens the survival of the world’s largest ecosystem. The importance of oceans cannot be over stressed. As go the oceans, so goes civilization.

Join host, Bob Grove, and Dr Greg Asner, Director of the Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science, Arizona State University and the Founder of Asner Labs, to discuss Ocean Warming and The Survival Of The World’s Largest Ecosystem.

Dr Asner is an ecologist recognized for his applied research on ecosystems and climate change. He serves on ASU’s faculty of the School of Ocean Futures and in numerous programs with NASA, the U.S. State Department, and the United Nations. He’s a recipient of multiple scientific and sustainability awards and is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. His research spans the areas of ecology, biodiversity, coral reefs, terrestrial carbon cycle, animal-habitat interactions and climate change. Dr Greg Asner is the Principal Investigator for Asner Labs.

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