New Improved Climate Digest will Hit your Inbox in Coming Weeks

The Climate Digest is getting a facelift and tech overhaul. You’ll instantly notice the great new look, that it’s easier to read, more clickable and more timely. What you may not notice is that the Climate Digest will no longer be sent via — it will be coming directly from the Climate Council’s private servers.

Moving your subscription data from the Action Network to the Climate Council’s servers has lots of advantages. We can assemble the Climate Digest faster. We have more flexibility to play with new ideas — things like a Daily Climate Digest for subscribers that want their news in smaller, more frequent bites; or different Climate Digests for different categories or climate action … or even Climate Digests for different parts of the country — and we’ll also have your subscription data locked down in one place. Not that there’s ever been a problem with the Action Network. They’ve been great! We’re just always working on ways to keep your data safer and even more private.

There’s really nothing for you to do. You’ll keep getting the Climate Digest in your Monday morning inbox and you’ll instantly know the new Climate Digest when you see it. Your subscription continues to be free and, as always, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. There’s even a new “Manage My Subscription” link that let’s you change your name, email or location without interrupting your service.

As always, we welcome your feedback & suggestions. Thank you for being part of the Climate Council family!