Building A Home Forest: Reversing Global Warming Yard by Yard

Join Unity Temple and the Temple Green Team to learn how to build a home forest that removes carbon from the air and helps reverse global warming. Each of us can contribute to carbon sequestration by changing our home’s landscaping. Become part of the Million Home Forests movement and help reverse global warming yard by yard.

Participants in this live online event can start their home forest with free trees generously provided by Bridging the Gap (to limited zip codes) and the Heartland Tree Alliance (to everyone).  To maintain social distancing, your trees will be picked up by appointment.  Stay tuned after the events for detail.

Speakers:  Bob Grove and Jim McGraw

Bob Grove, President of the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City, is a climate activist, environmental speaker, and author of the “Sustainable Living” presentation series.

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The event is finished.