McKibben: Are We Finally Ready To Tackle The Other Greenhouse Gas?

A dramatic reduction in the amount of CH4 would be a quick fix that would help slow the rise of global temperatures, giving us more time to work on the carbon quandary. The first way to reduce methane in the atmosphere, of course, is to stop building anything new that’s connected to gas. Additionally, do not start using natural gas to produce hydrogen, even if it is capturing the carbon emissions from the process. If we have to live with some natural gas for a while, then we should reduce leaks as best we can. Methane doesn’t just come from fossil fuels. It’s also emitted by cattle, by rice production, and, naturally, from wetlands.  Given both the threat and the opportunity, some scientists have begun wondering whether there might be ways to scrub some methane from the atmosphere.

Bill McKibben. New Yorker. August 18, 2021.

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