Leading Climate Change Activist Looks To Mobilize Older Americans

With a younger generation increasingly focused on the problem of rising global temperatures, prominent environmental activist and author Bill McKibben is launching a new grassroots movement to mobilize older Americans to combat climate change and to work on related social justice issues. McKibben, 60, has partnered with co-founders Akaya Windwood, a 65-year-old nonprofit consultant, and Vanessa Arcara, a millennial who worked at 350.org, to mobilize older Americans. Their new group, known as Third Act, is having a soft launch this week and a full-fledged rollout early next year. McKibben stated, “It’s very clear now that young people are — not just on climate, but on other important issues like civil rights — doing what needs to be done. Older people need to not just assign the hardest problems on the planet to 17-year-olds as their homework.”

By Ben Adler.  Yahoo News. November 29, 2021.

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