How To Make Higher Education Work for Climate Change

CLIMATE HOUR — How do we prepare our college and university graduates to understand, survive and even prosper in this age of climate change? Some of this is expanding science degrees to address climate-related issues. But most of it is incorporating climate-related issues into ALL subjects; cross-cutting education to address the climate change we’re experiencing today and the climate reality that our graduates will face tomorrow.

The United Nations is calling for climate change studies to be a formal part of all curriculums in all schools by 2025. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has launched a project to re-Orient chemistry education globally toward sustainability. Climate Change is becoming core curriculum around the world.

Higher Education

Join host, Bob Grove, and guests to discuss how to make higher education work for climate change. Guests include:

  • Sarah Johnson, Founder, Wild Rose Education
  • Shannon O’Lear, Professor of Geography and Director of the Environmental Studies Program, Kansas University
  • Shari L. Wilson, Founder and Teaching Ecologist at Project Central

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