Green Transportation Re-Imagined

Fighting climate change should embrace multiple strategies. As we know, our metropolitan cities and rural communities are overrun with cars and places to park the cars. Yet, most Americans are car-dependent. How can we fight climate degradation and still transport ourselves from one place to the other? What is green transportation? How can we continue to live in a society that values good over healthful, human life? Which modes of transportation are the most eco-friendly? Help us re-imagine transportation for the future of people and our planet.

Green Transportation Re-Imagined webinar (via Zoom)

July 7, 2021 6:45 – 9:00 PM CDT

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Gwen Moore: Curator of Urban Landscape and Community Identity at the Missouri Historical Society focusing on race, ethnicity, race relations and social justice issues in St. Louis. Gwen has been associated with the Society since 1998 working as a researcher, community programmer and oral historian. Her current area of research focuses on urban renewal and its destructive impact on communities of color.

Jerome Bauer: Jerome Bauer ran for public office nine times in the last decade as a Green, most recently for St Louis President of the Board of Aldermen (2019), Missouri Governor (2020) and St Louis Mayor as a write in candidate (2021). He’s no transportation expert but he loves to walk without getting run over.

John George: Earned a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University in Computer Science, a minor in Spanish, and several certifications related to computer networking and security. He will speak about the history of rail travel, his love since age 3.

Romona Taylor Williams: Is a seasoned community and economic development practitioner, activist and community organizer. She co-founded the North Side Community Benefits Alliance and the Metropolitan St. Louis Coalition for Inclusion and Equity (M-SLICE).

David Henry: Longtime activist for pedestrian rights, walkable communities and climate change. He helped start a pedestrian advocacy organization called Walkable St. Louis about 15 years ago which launched walk-to-school programs and participated in the development of the St. Louis Bike/Ped Regional Plan.

Moderator: Irene Henry, graduate student from UIC in Urban Planning

Additional speakers: Richard Schaffer, Tony Saper, Howie Hawkins, Elaine Enyard, Dennis Gallie, Don Fitz, Irene Henry and Audience Q and A. For More Information call: Don Fitz – 314-727-8554