Green New Deal

The New Deal enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt pulled the U.S. out of the Great Depression and led to decades of American prosperity. That New Deal combined economic reforms with lots of new jobs in emerging sectors. And 90 years later we’re still reaping the benefits; from our interstate highway system to our monthly Social Security checks. Roosevelt’s New Deal led to what is arguably the most prosperous era in U.S. history.

Today, economists are envisioning a Green New Deal that would combine Roosevelt’s economic approach with today’s emerging technologies. In Roosevelt’s time, the emerging technologies were mass-produced autos and an interstate highway system to drive them on. Today’s emerging technologies are renewable energy and a nationwide electric grid to move that energy around.

Join Climate Hour host, Bob Grove, and guests to discuss the Green New Deal.

Guests include:

  • Winston Apple – Author and former member of the Democratic National Committee
  • Howie Hawkins – Co-founder of the Green Party and U.S. Presidential Candidate
  • Wendell Chris King – Retired Brigadier General, US Army and Dean Emeritus, US Army Command and General Staff College
  • Stephen Melton – Chapter Leader, Kansas City Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Jim Turner – Board member of the Thomas Hart Benton Group of Sierra Club and former Chair of the Missouri State Sierra Club.